President’s November 21, 2014 Message

New ezine URL! This old URL will no longer be updated. Go to for the latest!

Your ACFWSFBayArea chapter is working to bring its online presence into better alignment with our chapter’s name. We are moving this ezine with the current url of http://www.golden to Our new email is now Our MeetUp name is now ACFW SF Bay Area. Please make a note in your navigation bar or wherever you save your links. Please discontinue use of this ezine’s URL and change over to


Message from the Chapter President – New Member Info

The Board recently put together a New Members Information sheet. We included a link to the sheet in an email that just went out. If you didn’t receive either of these, you can obtain them by clicking the above links.

We also invite you to join us on the social networking hub, MeetUp where our chapter garnered three new potential members this past week. The more of us who sign in to MeetUp, the better it reflects our actual membership. You can get meeting information and also  RSVP your meeting  attendance there.

Hope to see you at our next meeting!

Marie Sontag
2014 Outgoing Chapter President
Chapter email:

At Home in Last Chance

At Home in Last Chance
Book 3 of the series, A Place to Call Home
by Cathleen Armstrong
Revell Press
January 6, 2015
ISBN-10: 0800722485
ISBN-13: 978-0800722487

Kaitlyn Reed and Steven Braden have always had a similar philosophy of life: when the going gets tough, they get going–out of town and away from the problem. Now they are both back in Last Chance, New Mexico, and trying to start over. Kaitlyn is working to reestablish a relationship with the seven-year-old daughter she left behind six months earlier. Steven is trying to prove to his family that he is not the irresponsible charmer they have always known him to be. As Kaitlyn and Steven find themselves drawn to one another, one big question keeps getting in the way: How will they learn to trust each other when they don’t even trust themselves?

Dot and Scribble Fall into Adventure

Dot and Scribble Fall into Adventure (Vol. 1)
by Ricky Bruce
Sunbury Press
October 30, 2014
ISBN-10: 1620065231
ISBN-13: 978-1620065235

Hudson wants to add color to his picture, but his grandfather’s pen makes his medieval drawing come to life, transforming him into one of his characters. As Scribble says, “When you fall into an adventure, you never know where you’re gonna land.”

Ricky Bruce (aka Rick Crawford) says Dot and Scribble is appropriate for ages 6-8.

Lightbearer: The Lorica Prophecies

Lightbearer: The Lorica Prophecies
by Marcy Weydemuller
Helping Hands Press
September 25, 2014
Kindle Edition

In the mythic land of Lorica, prophecies lie forgotten beneath the dust of time. What remains is myth and legend intertwined with history. Except in High Valley where eons before a remnant found refuge. There the faithful tend the flame of truth and protect the ancient scrolls, although none are left with knowledge to read them.
Jolted by a stranger’s piercing remarks, Jonne discovers his call to the ancient vocation of Lightbearer—among this faithful community who stand as watchmen for El Olam, God everlasting. Jonne must wrestle with doubts and opposition to answer timeless questions about his purpose and identity in the world. When the darkness returns, will he be ready?

Sydney Avey’s The Lyre and the Lambs

The Lyre and the Lambs
by Sydney Avey
HopeSprings Books
September 3, 2014

A feast of family can be a plate-load of problems!

A mother and a daughter, both newlyweds, decide to set up housekeeping together. Dee and Valerie move with their husbands into a modern glass house Valerie built in a proudly rural Los Altos, California neighborhood. When their relatives start showing up and moving in, the neighbors get suspicious. Then a body is found in the backyard and the life they are trying to build comes undone.

Father Mike is back to guide Dee through a difficult time with humor and grace, even as his own life is unraveling. It looks like he’s going to have to take some of his own advice about love.

The sequel to The Sheep Walker’s Daughter, The Lyre and the Lambs explores the passions that draw people together and the faith it takes to overcome trauma.

Sarah Sundin’s In Perfect Time

In Perfect Time
by Sarah Sundin
July 29, 2014

Book 3 of Sarah Sundin’s Wings of the Nightingale seriesIn Perfect Time shows readers more about the bold, sophisticated, and flirtatious Army Air Force nurse, Lt. Kay Jobson. She’s known to collect hearts wherever she flies, leaving men pining in airfields across Europe. So how can ruggedly handsome C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper be immune to her considerable charms?