The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) is dedicated to meeting the needs of Christian fiction writers, both published and unpublished. Our chapter’s regularly scheduled meetings  help ACFW members grow in the craft and business of writing, and to bring faith, fiction and fellowship to the SF Bay Area community.

Join us! Membership benefits include the following:

  • Regular meetings that provide a forum for fellowship and community-building
  • Access to publishing professionals
  • Opportunities to learn and develop the writing craft
  • Marketing assistance through networking and other venues
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Peer critiques
  • Opportunities to sell your published books

To become a member you must first join ACFW. You can apply online at:www.acfw.com/memberapp.shtml. National membership dues are $65 for first year and $45 for renewal.

Once a national member, you may join our local chapter by attending one of our meetings (but no more than two), completing an application form, and paying the $10 annual membership fee. These chapter fees are used to supply refreshments for meetings, offset travel costs and honoraria for professional speakers, and other office expenses (e.g. postage, banking, etc.). Mini-conferences and workshops may require additional fundraising or special fees for the events.

Also join us online at www.meetup.com.
Chapter email: sfbayareaacfw@gmail.com


Board Job Descriptions

Oversees the other officers, moderates the chapter email list, directs meetings, sends e-newsletter to group members each month, chairs the Newsletter Committee, chairs the Speaker Selection Committee, serves as the Critique Group Liaison, serves as ex-officio member of all committees, executes chapter business as specified by the Board of Directors and established policy of ACFW, and coordinates all activities. In the event of a tie vote on the Board of Directors, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

Responsible for recording minutes of each board meeting and filing a monthly chapter report (even if the chapter does not meet that month) with the Area Coordinator no later than the 5th of each month, who will file the Area Report to the Zone Director no later than the 10th of each month, who files a Zone Report to the Zone Coordinator not later than the 15th of each month. The Secretary will also maintain a meeting calendar, maintain a critique calendar (optional), mail welcome letters to new members, maintain a Member roster, chair Event Publicity Committee, maintain media/industry mailing list.

Processes new member applications and dues, maintains account balance and membership numbers at monthly meetings, submits new member information to secretary, remind members about annual dues, chairs Finance Committee, and sits on Fund Raising Committee. The treasurer will send the chapter’s dues to national and file an annual financial report with the Zone Coordinator no later than January 31st of each year.

Those nominated for the above positions must have been ACFW members for at least 3 months before they can serve on the chapter Board.


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