Local ACFW Member Blogs

Below is a list of our national ACFW members’  blogs who live in our area. Check them out! If yours isn’t listed, send an email to sfbayareaacfw@gmail.com, provide your name and blog link, and we’ll get your most recent blog posted.  Since some members haven’t renewed their local chapter membership, we will keep the list below posted until everyone is notified, and then pare the list down to those who are current SFBayArea ACFW members.

Cathleen Armstrong – http://www.cathleenarmstrong.com/blog/
Sydney Avey – sign up at http://sydneyavey.com/
Shelley Adina – http://magnificentdevices.wordpress.com/
Shelley Bates –  http://shelleybates.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/drawn-cecilia-gray/
Anne Campbell Baxter – http://pewperspective.blogspot.com/
Paula Bicknell – http://psbicknell.com/
Jenni Brummett – http://jennibrummett.com/
Rich Bullock – http://www.perilousfiction.com/now-available-desperation-falls/
Candace Calvert – http://candacecalvert.blogspot.com/
Rick Crawford – http://rickybruce.com/
Hillari Delgado – http://www.hillaridelgado.com/blog/?cat=-5,-7
Shannon Dittemore – http://shannondittemore.com/
Susan Donetti – http://www.susandonetti.com/
Cathy Elliott – http://cathyelliottbooks.wordpress.com/
Kathy Boyd Fellure – http://www.kathyboydfellure.com/Blogs—Bookish-Banter.html
Suzanne Woods Fisher – http://suzannewoodsfisher.com/blog/
Keli Gwyn – http://keligwyn.com/blog/
Sandi Hammons – http://marilynhilton.blogspot.com/
Robert Kaku – http://majesty.org/cb/
Shaylene King – http://www.shayleneking.com/
Sherry Kyle – http://www.sherrykyle.com/category/blog/
Susanne Lakin – http://cslakin.blogspot.com/
Catherine Legitt – http://www.catherineleggitt.com/blog/post/
Kathi Lipp – http://www.kathilipp.com/
Dana Mentink – http://dmentink.wordpress.com/
Dineen Miller – http://dineenmiller.com/journal/
Karen O’Connor – http://www.karenoconnor.com/blog/
Carrie Padgett – http://livevicarrieous.com/
Martha Rzmirez – http://martzbookz.blogspot.com/
Emma Right – http://www.emmaright.com/Blog.aspx
Francine Rivers – http://francinerivers.com/blog
Jennifer Sienes – http://www.jennifersienes.com/blog/
Marie Sontag – http://mariesontag.wordpress.com/
Christine Sunderland – http://christinesunderland.com/blog/
Sarah Sundin – http://sarahsundin.blogspot.com/
Karen Sweet – http://ktsweet.com/blog.html
Diana Symons – http://dianasymons.com/
Camy Tang – http://blog.camytang.com/
Derrick Tribble – http://www.derricktribble.com/index.php/author-blog
MaryLu Tyndall – http://crossandcutlass.blogspot.com/
Michelle Ule – http://michelleule.com/
Katie Vorreiter – http://www.theotherhat.net/
Darlene Wells – http://www.darlenewells.com/Blog.html
Marcy Weydemuller – http://mythicimpact.blogspot.com/
Ginny Yttrup – http://ginnyyttrup.com/blog/























































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