President’s July 2014 Message

After July 19, 2014, we only have two more scheduled meetings for our ACFW chapter. I’ve greatly enjoyed serving as president this year. The needs of my mother, however, who lives with us and has Alzheimer’s, preclude me from continuing in this position beyond this year. She worsens daily, as those of you familiar with the disease understand. The Board is now actively seeking nominations for the position of president for 2015, and for a new treasurer and secretary. Final nominations and a vote will be held at our September meeting for these positions. Please plan to attend. If these jobs go unfilled, our November 15 meeting with Susanne Lakin will be our last for our chapter. Hope to hear from you! Click the About tab at the top to review the job descriptions.

Marie Sontag
2014 BayAreaACFW President

June 2014 Message from the Chapter President

The Board recently put together a New Members Information sheet. We included a link to the sheet in an email that just went out. If you didn’t receive either of these, you can download them by clicking the above links.

We also invite you to join us on the social networking site, MeetUp where our chapter garnered three new potential members this past week. The more of us who sign up on this site, the better the site reflects our actual membership. You can get meeting alerts and also  RSVP your meeting  attendance there.

Hope to see you at our January 25 meeting!

Marie Sontag
Chapter President
Chapter email:


Sarah Sundin’s In Perfect Time

In Perfect Time
by Sarah Sundin
July 29, 2014

Book 3 of Sarah Sundin’s Wings of the Nightingale series, In Perfect Time shows readers more about the bold, sophisticated, and flirtatious Army Air Force flight nurse, Lt. Kay Jobson. She’s known to collect hearts wherever she flies, leaving men pining in airfields all across Europe. So how can ruggedly handsome C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper be all but immune to her considerable charms?

Still, as they cross the skies between Italy and southern France, evacuating the wounded and delivering paratroopers and supplies, every beat of their hearts draws them closer to where they don’t want to go. Can they confront the fears and misunderstandings in their pasts?



Cathleen Armstrong’s One More Last Chance

One More Last Chance
by Cathleen Armstrong
May 6, 2014

Sarah Cooley has come home to Last Chance, New Mexico for one reason–because it doesn’t change. After an engagement gone bad with a man who wanted to change everything about her, Sarah is more than ready for the town whose motto may as well be, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Chris Reed, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to spark some change in the little town. As the new owner of the Dip ‘n’ Dine, he’s shaking things up to draw folks from all over the Southwest into his restaurant.

As it turns out, the winds of change are blowing into Last Chance–just not in the ways that Sarah or Chris might expect.

One More Last Chance, coming May 6, is available now for preorder.

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The Bronze Dagger

The Bronze Dagger
Vol. 1 – Ancient Elements
by Marie Sontag
Sunbury Press
March 31, 2014

The Bronze Dagger tells the story of 12-year-old Samsuluna (Sam) as he  searches for a place to call home in Ancient Mesopotamia during the reign of King Hammurabi in 1780 BC. The lies that Sam spins about the stolen jewels and the death of his father threaten to catch up with him. Will he ever learn how to trust his new friends, overcome his quest for revenge, or solve the mystery of the stolen jewels? Previously published in hardback by Auntie M Children’s B0ok Publishing in 2013, it was recently updated and re-published in paperback by Sunbury Press.


Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb
by Ricky Bruce
Sunbury Press
January 2014

When a group of wolf spiders invades Grub’s home in Riverbank, he and his bug friends send out the call for Stink Bomb, the most fearsome insect superhero known to the world. But there’s something mysterious about Stink Bomb, and Grub is determined to know what it is. This adventurous superhero story is a must for anyone who hates spiders, loves bugs, and demands justice.